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Automatic line for marking and labeling, adhesive label front and back for round bottles, jars, containers, comprising:
Line conveyor module, 1500mm long, made of ABS plastic,  for labeling with three roller gluing one or two labels or stickers that will wrap around the container.
The system is for individual cylindrical products.
Control panel with diagnostic and control all functions ona  touch screen.
Guides  300mm long for preparation product for labeling. Possible also for slightly conical containers with products that have small deviations from a perfect cylinder.

Machine is for a labels front and rear.
The control panel stores all the settings for one type of label and the device adjusts quickly to work.
The device is made of stainless steel, with a brushless motor, with a centralized control panel to control all functions of the machine and head with built-in diagnostics.
The device is equipped with a line 300mm long allowing the product to move forward and rotating where the label is wrapped and taped.

diameter bottles, jars, pots: max. 100 mm
Label width: max. 100/200 mm
diameter containers, bottles, jars: up to 350mm
outer diameter roll of labels: up to 350mm
diameter of the inner parts of the roll: 45/70mm
physical dimensions of the device: 1500x800x1600 (mm)
weight: 220 kg
Control Panel: dispaly 2 line backlit or touch screen
Alarms: semafor, end rolls, tearing label, Timeout
Power: 230 V
ecnoder speed setting: yes
detector missing label: yes
no-stop function: no
sensor indicating that the roll soon at the end: Option
transparent labels: option
mark: Option
meet standards: CE, IP54
two labels on one product: yes

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