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Dosing and packing line entirely made in AISI 304 stainless steel suitable to pack short dry, fresh  or frozen pasta, rice, legumes like lentils, peas, beans, dry fruit into plastic bags from 200 to 1000 grams, complete with ground feeding system.

Nr. 01 Ground feedng system with:

– load hopper in anti-adhesion steel

– vibration channel  in anti-adhesion steel

– infeed conveyor width 230 mm. with sectors made out in white rubber for foods width abt. 3000 mm. taking the product to the dosing unit and complete with optic eye controlling the level plus a

Bonfiglioli motoreducer Nr. 01 Electronic dosing unit on independent frame consisting of:

– supporting frame – load hopper with capacity 25 litres in anti-adhesion steel

– vibration channel in anti-adhesion steel

– load cell – unloading basin that opens pneumatically by means of a cylinder when the correct weight has been achieved and let the product drop into the bag forming tube

– control panel to program the required weight

– load height 2300 mm. about from ground With one channel dosing uniti t is possible to reach a production capacity (depending on the quantity to dose) of 8/10 bags per minute. As alternative, we suggest a double channel doser, with two load cells and double unloading basket . With this dosing unit it is possible to reach a production capacity of 16/18 bags/minute.

Nr. 01 Vertical form fill and seal packaging machine having the following features:

– structure complete of one forming tube wide collar suitable to produce bags with width and length to be agreed

– horizontal and vertical seal unit with hot bars, complete with resistances and probe for temperature control that allow to obtain strong good sealings on any type of coupled material

– height of saled part 15/17 mm.

– OMRON PLC controlling all machine functions

– luminous display with International graphic symbols

– entries pre-set for each programmed function with the possibility to add further options

– thermal regulators OMRON on control panel to control temperature program

– electric power installed 2Kw.

– possible interchangeability of forming tubes to produce bags of different width

– film sliding achieved by means of motorized rubber tracks

– production capacity:  see above – electric power installed: singlephase  220 V. – 50 Hz

– pneumatic power required:  compressed air 6/8 bars ACCESSORIES Machine may be equipped with the following accessories:

– Omron optic eye to center film print – unloading conveyor  L = 1500 – unload height 1000 mm. with sectors in white rubber for foods

– square bottom device consisting of nr. 02 side pneumatic   cylinders with forks for film bending

vrećice jastuk vrećice sa dnom

– thermal transfer hot printer to print lot number, production date and  delivery date on the bag.  This printer may write on 3 lines and it will be supplied   Complete with a set of characters in brass.

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