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ferromagnetic-heat-sealers-water-cooled-cap-MR-CS 600

Hourly production: manually
Sealing time : 1-2 sec;
Sealing diameter : from 20mm until 50 mm;
Type of cap: plat pre-threaded cap;
Type of container: plastic;
Feeding: 1 x 220 V.; 50 Hz.
Technical details:
Electronic generator ICS.3-coil power consumption 670 VA max – max power output 600 W – Frequency 80-200 kc / s.
N° 1 Column with variable height with a wooden base equipped with guides for positioning the containers at the center of the coil.
N° 1 Photocell to consent to the sealing each time the container has arrived in the center of the coil.
N° 1 Column to be applied on top of the generator. The column consists of two LED lamps (a solid green lights when the sealer is in operation, a flashing red for any alarm). The column further comprises the system of adjustable audible alarm.
Operation: The operator places the bottle already capped (the aluminum foil is located inside the cap) and set the time of sealing from the panel. Once set, this parameter is stored, until a new parameter entered. The machine detects the presence of the bottle and begins the sealing. When the LED switch off , the sealing is finished and the operator remove the container.

ferromagnetic-heat-sealers-water-cooled-cap-MR-CS 1000With dinamic sealing, the induction coil is centred over the filling line conveyor belt and sealing is carried out on the moving containers.

The generator is controlled by a small PLC with a display and it performs the operations of:

Visualization of alarms
Visualization of analogic dimension for generator operation
Induction voltage and continuous current
Sealing time setting (static sealing)

Portable, compact, air-cooled generator
Excellent performance due to power circuit configuration and the use of special Power Mosfets (>90%)
Fine adjustment and uninterrupted output power
Absolute stability of output power settings
Sinusoidal output wave-form
Digital timer for control of sealing time
Control, display of working sizes and alarm signals by PLC
Alarm signal in the event of faults or variations in output power
Remote-controlled Start-Stop
Sealing area 20 -120 mm
Manufactured in accordance with EN-60204-1 standard
Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) in accordance with EN-55100 and EN-50082-2 standards

Motorised column with adjustable height
Aluminium film detector
Container accumulation detector


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